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We provide our clients offshore company enrollment services as well as related services (banking, administration, virtual offices, etc.) in secure, confidential and stable jurisdictions, carefully selected by our consultants according to your specific needs.

Why Offshore?

  • Small or zero taxes.
  • Shareholder-value maximization.
  • No annual reports.
  • Anonymity and total confidentiality.
  • Protection in case of insolvency.
  • Tax protection and asset protection.
  • Low taxes on income.
  • Legal tax optimization.
  • Protection of personal wealth.
  • Reduced bureaucracy.
  • Discretion concerning certain values or properties.
  • Safe bank systems.

Frequently asked Questions
How do you set up an offshore business?

You turn to a specialized company, present the main activity of the business you want to set up and specify the budget you can dispose of.

What are the costs of maintaining an offshore business?

No costs if you want only to set up the firm and you will deal with all the paper yourself.

From 800 euro/year, in low-rated jurisdictions and up to 2000 euro/month in Switzerland, in which case you benefit from specialized consulting services.

What are the costs to set up an offshore company?

According to the jurisdiction:

  • 1000 euros in Belize, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands or Panama. There is no need for accounting.
  • 2000 - 2500 euros in Malta, Seychelles or the Dominican Republic.
  • 3000 - 3500 euros in Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Hong Kong or Singapore.
  • 4000 euros in Cyprus.
  • 6000 - 15000 euros in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.
  • The common feature of Offshore companies and private accounts opened in these countries is that it provides customers with the highest degree of security possible around the world.

    What risks does an offshore business involve?

    Possible reluctance when the business partner finds out that you have a company registered in a tax haven.

    There are no risks when choosing an offshore registered in high security countries.

    There is a degree of risk concerning transactions between two offshore firms (there is no guarantee of money collection unless there is maximum trust between the management of these firms).

    How to dissolve an offshore?

    Via telephone, in maximum 24 hours.

    Our Results

    We are a consulting firm with exceptional results in the field. We are proud of the fact that we have helped numerous clients achieve their goals, regardless of whether they are related to business growth, cost optimization or internal process improvement. Using modern methodologies and techniques, we offer personalized and efficient solutions that suit the needs of each individual client.

    Our results are impeccable, proven by the increased profits obtained by our clients, the achievement of established objectives faster and the discovery new growth opportunities.

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