Real Estate Investments

We provide investment advice irrespective of financial resources, aiming to achieve returns on investments related to the real estate market in the country where the investment is made.

Our strategic objective is to exploit opportunities in the real estate market in order to achieve solid returns, on medium long-term, through the purchase of under-valued real estate assets and capitalizing on them, either by renting or alienating, over a medium and long-term horizon.

The investment policy adopted by our team consists in dispersing risk on several real estate projects and market segments: residential, office, logistics, industrial, and so on.

We focus mainly on projects that can produce immediately or shortly after the purchase, rental income, or completed or near completion projects.

Agriculture Sector Investments

In 2007, the year when Romania joined the European Union, the country's agricultural economy and rural development marked a new era. In this context, Romania needs to quickly adapt its agricultural economics and rural development to integrate into the internal market of the European Union.

Romania has a huge agricultural potential, that situates it ahead of most of the countries in this region, ranking second place after Poland in terms of arable and agricultural land.

Annually, statistics show that around 1-1.5 million hectares of agricultural surface remains unprocessed.

We offer assistance and consultancy to invest in the agricultural sector in Romania.