About Us

Integrity, honesty, inventiveness, rigor and professionalism are the values that for us, the people working at Dconsult, are mere words but everyday reality. We are convinced that we will be able to turn these simple words into stable benchmarks for our entire activity.

 We were born as a response to the dynamic evolution of the business market, in order to help our clients' interests in an increasingly complex world.

We are a young, inventive and ambitious team, for which high quality services are essential for a continuous development of the portfolio, and, above all, the satisfaction of our clients.

 A special concern is the finding of new, creative solutions that meet the needs and requirements of our clients and comply with the legislation in force.

Our goal is to continue to work for our customers at the high standards we have set for ourselves, customizing our services for each customer.

 We will promptly offer solutions to all your problems, and regardless of your situation, contacting our company will provide you with a prompt, honest and effective response.

We are fully committed to maintaining strict CONFIDENTIALITY in all situations regarding the advice given to our clients.

 Our principles and vision are supported by the professionalism with which we understand to respond to our clients' requests for which we invite you to collaborate.